Bunny Work- Replica Zentico DTK Flash Hider. $29.99 Save $-29.99. Shipping calculated at checkout. SKU: BW-ACC-BW-DTK-1 BUNNY Work 

Will tell about  Zentico Perst 3 on Officer Mike's gun. Officer Mike. www.John1911.com. “ Shooting Guns & Having Fun”. Explore John1911.com.

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Comments: 0. Zenitco B-21U Handguard $ 133.95. Comments: 0. ZenitCo (Russian tactical accessories) ZenitCo (Russian tactical accessories) Product Compare (0) Combined device 3 in 1: A dual laser, in an IR (invisible to the naked eye) and green (visible) ranges + an IR illuminator .

Zenitco Handguard B-30 “Classic” is milled made out of D16T aluminum alloy with a powder coating. Fits most AK based rifles fitting may be required on some models. Works well by itself or with Zenitco Classic B-32, B-31,B-31C gas tube cover and B-33 hinged dust cover. Forms 3 Picatinny rail lines under the barrel.

Purchased new Sept. 2020, never used with live rounds .

Zentico 外,Cybergun FNX 45專用のアダプターがリリースする。値段は11USD.RMRとDoctorは利用できます! We are going to release the adapter for Cybergun fnx45. RMR and doctor are both available . Only 11USD.


IR laser is slaved, so you can zero IR laser without using your NVGs. Zenitco is a high quality manufacturer on firearm accessories. Their products are used by military and law enforcement throughout the world. The use of lightweight materials along with precision machining result in a superior product. Every detail and scenario was taken into account when designing each part. ZenitCo Firearms accessories B-30,B-31,B-33, Perst3,Perst4,Perst2,Pt-1,Pt-2,Pt-3,Pt-5. C O N T A C T S Any questions about orders go to the Sales and Delivery Department.

RP-1 charging handle cap. Fits all AKs we have been able to try it with. 2019. 6. 18. · DBAL-i2 with LEAF front sight installed left, PERST-4 right I was never completely happy with the DBAL-i2, so when I learned about the Perst-4 I decided I wanted to get one to replace my DBAL-i2.


Specifications. Made by Zenitco Works well with B-19 and B-12 gas tube covers. High quality lightweight aluminum construction Handguard B-10 replaces handguard on AK-type rifles SAIGA 7,62X39, SAIGA.223 and SAIGA 5.45×39 Call or email Legion USA for rifle comparability. Forearm B-10 has Weaver and Picatinny tracks Jan 15, 2021 ·

Zenitco Perst 4 Green Laser IR Laser.

2. · Zentico AK rails, B10M and B33. By. Howard - October 2, 2019. 1. 474. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest.

CVA Scout Pistol Buffer Tube Adapter. $85.00. Choose Options. Kriss Vector Tailhook Adapter. $30.00. Choose Russian Thunder and ZenitCo. 14,932 likes · 34 talking about this.

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. I got a package from Russian last week. Well packaged inside are Zenitco AK products. The first item is the Zenitco B10M.

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ZenitCo (Russian tactical accessories) ZenitCo (Russian tactical accessories) Product Compare (0)

You killed it. Nice work. Continue this thread RTG Parts LLC has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1999.

ZenitCo produces two types of extended charging handle knobs: RP-1 (for AK, EXCEPT AK-47) RP-2 (for 9×19 Vityaz and Saiga-9) We measured B-10M and B-20U for you. B-30, B-10U have the same dimensions as B-10M. Here are some photo examples of how parts can be combined:

AK Zenitco B30 B-30 B31 B-31 B31S B-31S PT1 PT-1 B33 B-33 www.russian-thunder.com "Sport-5" kit is installed in place of the regular handguard "RPK". "Sport-5" kit has seatings for B-2, B-2U rails on four sides, allowing you to attach additional equipment to the weapon. All products of the kit are all-milled with a coating of black or desert color. 2019. 9. 26.

All the controls and the manual is in Russian. Fortunately the Perst-4 is pretty simple. ZenitCo PT-1 Brace Adapter. $65.00. Choose Options. CVA Scout Pistol Buffer Tube Adapter. $85.00.